Thursday, 2 August 2012

Photo A Day - August - Outside

I'm taking part in Photo A Day over at Fat Mum Slim for the month of August. Join in if you like, let me know  so I can visit your blog to have a look at your pics as well. Let's see if I can do it for the whole month - challenge excepted

Today ....Outside

We live in a lovely area, that we really don't appreciate. As I left the house I realised I could drive in almost every direction for 10 minutes or less, and find water. We live 3 minutes from the North Pine River, another 5 and I'm at a lovely fishing spot at the mouth of the River and looking out to Moreton Bay. Heading north east, I'll end up at Redcliffe a beautiful city on Moreton Bay and gateway to Moreton Island. 
Heading west for 10 mins will take me to the picturesque North Pine Dam. For this photo I headed back and drove to Bullocky Rest which is on Lake Samsonvale, a lake created from the building of North Pine Dam.
It was so quiet and deserted when I got there, not like on weekends when it's full of picnicers. The water was so still and glassy, I pulled over and took this shot. (If I take this long for every photo I'm not going to get any work done all month!)


  1. Looks like a landscape painting! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Julie, even more beautiful when the sun is setting behind the mountains, nature does the best landscape paintings doesn't she! - Jen.


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