Saturday, 18 August 2012

Photo A Day - August - Faces.

17 - Faces

Taken at Toowong Cemetery, not today but late one afternoon after searching for family graves for my family history research. I took about 10 photos before I lost the light. I didn't realize I was being watched.......

Can you see the face behind the the tombstone? With part of a sleeve and arm to your right?


  1. Replies
    1. Not late at night though Danette, when one was loading the photos - :-O

    2. I often have a Grandparent pop in to see what the Great-Grand baby is doing. If it freak you out just ask them politely to be more careful about reveling themselves. Most are just checking up on the living, person looked delighted.

    3. That's amazing, I think if you feel they're your loved ones it's not as disturbing or frightening. This was in a very old creepy part of the cemetery and I think it's near the "Avenue" where people believe they've seen a few things. I have to admit I didn't stay there for very long and moved on.


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