Friday, 3 August 2012

Photo A Day - August - Coin



Can you see the coin in the middle of the heart? I made this bag for a dear relative. The superstition goes it is bad luck to give a bag or purse without some money in it, so I tucked a 10c piece (not this one) inside one of the triangle flaps formed from making a box base inside the bag, but had forgotten to tell her. 
Many years went by and the elderly relative sadly passed away. Her lovely partner returned the bag to me, full of some wrapped china that was to be mine. When I emptied the bag I thought of the coin and wondered if she had found it, assuming she would not have tried to wash the bag, as she only used it for "special" occasions.
There was the coin still there - wish I'd told her about the coin, along with many other things.

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