Monday, 27 August 2012

Finished - Tablet Cosy / Case

Hi all,
Did anyone spend their $5 voucher from Spotties this weekend? I had planned to go down anyway to search for some large beads for a project out of my newly found Vogue Knitting Crochet & Macramé book.
My small purchase ended up being a little cheaper, which is always nice.

The black beads are lovely they have tiny rosebuds inbedded in them, so I'll use them to make some stitch markers like these HERE 

Thought I'd share a pic of the Tablet Cosy I've finished using my Camera Cosy Pattern
My Tablet is a small 7inch one. I ended up buying it instead of a Kindle earlier this year. It was only slightly more expensive at the time, and it's been the best thing I've bought. It's been ideal for storing my patterns, photos, books and accessing the Net. It has a pretty good battery life, much better than my laptop and I can also use it as a Kindle and download books via the Android apps & the Kindle site.
I adore it!! It's so portable but when I first bought it I couldn't find a case for it.
There were plenty of cases & covers for the 10inch Tablets / iPads and everything else, but not for these yet.

So now I can safely throw it in my bag. It's plain and simple, but colours are endless & you can tart it up with flowers or whatever you like.
Now this was experimental, so thought I'd share what I'd change if I made another.

I used Bernat Mosaic, colour - Psychedelic and a 5mm hook. It took less then 100g to make.
For this size Tablet which measures 19.5cm (7.5 inches) wide, I commenced with 52 ch to fit my Tablet snugly, but measure your's so the chain fits with a slight stretch. It's worth testing it again after a couple of rounds, as I ended up going back & decreasing the size so it would be a tighter fit.

Originally I planned to do the whole cosy in dc (aus) to make it quite thick, (the yarn is 10ply?). I was using self striping yarn and didn't need the 3 row pattern to give me different size stripes, but because the self striping colours blended better using the original pattern, I stuck with that. I also skipped some colours when I came to the flap (ie cut & rejoined), so I could use the colours I preferred for the flap.

A hint - when you do rounds using a self striping yarn you're always going to get a mismatched colour jog somewhere at the join, inevitably when the yarn changes colour. To stop this spoiling the look of the back on such a large item, instead of positioning the seam at the back, as in the Camera Cosy, I kept the seam to what would become side edge then commenced the flap from there.

So, the back looks even with the join running along the right hand side. I also knotted a doubled strand of Aqua yarn a few rounds up from the bottom, to take around to the front and wind around the button to secure the case.

For the flap, I still used dc (aus) every row as in the pattern, but because the case was so wide, I started decreasing after the 1st row, and also decreased every row, instead of alternate rows. Without doing this the flap may be too long for the case if you're using thicker yarn (you can always finish with a flat edge not a point  or fold the point up to the outside then attach your button to make it interesting).
So that's about all, I'm happy with it, it was a quick crochet project, and I like the colours.
Thanks for staying and having a read - Jen.


  1. G'day Jen, I love your blog n all your gorgeous tea cozies... this kindle case is beautiful too... love how the colours blend in this yarn... I'm in Brissie too, over on the southside... all the best... <3

    1. Thanks Bethel for the lovely comment, great to know you're a Brissie girl as well - Jen.

  2. Love the tablet cover,bright and cheerful much better than the horrid plastic ones.
    Laura x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Laurajane. These are a tad cheaper,and you can make several to colour co-ordinate with what you're wearing :)

  3. Love it! Beautiful colors.

    1. Thanks Danette, sorry it took half a day to reply, Rheumatologist appointment today then Blogger problems this afternoon for some reason - Jen.


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