Saturday, 25 August 2012

Finders Keepers

What I find and why I'm keeping it

I love to pick as we've come to call it thanks to American Pickers. I suppose here we rummage, or junk shop. Either way we love to collect our stuff!
Last week I couldn't go past this book at a local charity book sale, and a little Teapot elsewhere in my travels (but I'll leave the Teapot for next time).

It's lost it's dust jacket, but it's an old Vogue Book.

I've seen plenty of Vogue Knitting Books at countless Bookfests, but this one had all 3 crafts.
If I can find at least one thing in these old books I can use, I'll grab it.
All the pics are black & white, but it has quite a few things in it I'd revamp. There's a nice ripple crochet flared above knee Jacket using Fuzzy Wuzzy - remember that? It's definitely something I'd like to make using modern yarns. There's a great long knitted lace skirt, I know someone who might wear a black short version of it, a cute girl's top & skirt,
There's this -
If there was nothing else useful in the book, I still would have bought it just to own this crochet Wedding Dress pattern!

While I never got into Macramé in the 70's (I was too young - cough!) Mum did, and she was very gifted at it.
We all had the Macramé Owl sitting on the tree branch. She had the big lampshade frame saved under the house to make the Macramé round table with glass top, but never got around to it.
Mum did make me an awesome hanging glass table for my room. It was superb! I still used it in my first home, it hung behind our corner lounge.

Of course now Macramé is making a bit of a comeback with beaded jewellery. The book also has some nice little beaded bracelets so all in all very well worth the $2 I paid.

At the moment I'm collecting Teapots, but only little ones & metal ones, which have proved invaluable for display. I also collect toy sewing machines, the occasional big one, Peanuts (Schulz), retro pattern books, things that remind me of my youth, but not limited to these lol.

I'd really love to start collecting vintage coloured glass jewellery but you have to stop somewhere ... don't you?
Tell me what do you collect? 
If you could spend an unlimited amount of money on collecting what would you collect then?
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  1. Oh the memories your mention of the macrame owl brought back. We had a white on that my cousin made us. While he was beautiful, he did get very dusty. How funny . . . hadn't thought about that owl in decades. Gorgeous book!

  2. I know Aunty Mum, I haven't thought of my Owl for ages. Mine was yellow and brown, very Seventies of Mum lol. I must hunt for a photo of my hanging table, thanks for commenting :):):)

  3. What a treasure! I love vintage crochet books, and have quite a collection. It's fun to make vintage patterns with modern yarn.

    1. It's something about revamping an old pattern isn't it Stephanie. I have a couple of young friends who go ape over some of the stuff (not all mind you) lol.


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