Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Tea Cosy By Kyla

Kyla sent me an email a couple of days ago with some photos of her Daylily Tea Cosy. Kyla said she was just a beginner crocheter, it was her first attempt, but was proud of it anyway.
Kyla your tea cosy is fabulous, you are very good for a beginner and you definitely should be proud of your work!
Here they are .........

Hasn't she done a great job!
Thanks so much Kyla for trying out one of my patterns, and for sending me the pics. It encourages me to want to share when I get to see beautiful finished cosies like yours. Keep crocheting and be proud of everything you make,
love Jen.


  1. It's lovely,very pretty.
    Laura x

  2. Jen, thanks so much for posting this!! You put a smile on my face and I feel very proud of my work :)

    1. My pleasure Kyla, anytime :-)


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