Thursday, 21 June 2012

Trying to finish this!

Started this Granny a few weeks ago and it's grown quite quickly. I wanted to use up some ugly yarn I bought. We've all done it, bought ugly yarn, gotten it home and then thought what was I thinking! 
I thought it would look ok knitted/crocheted, being purple, aqua, green & lemon, but I think it was the purple, lemon & green shades clashing together that did it in. I would not blame the aqua, aqua is divine and my all time favourite colour :-). 
I only had 2 part balls left so I added some plain purple and aqua yarn to stretch it out. 
Here's a closeup of the variegated yarn crocheted (it does look a bit better here than in real life).  

It was a spur of the moment decision after the 2nd block of colour, to start adding the round of black between each colour, but I don't think whoever it's donated to will mind if I missed the first border.
Luckily the purple and aqua brought out the nice colours in the yarn and took away from the yellow & green. It's 120cm square, so seeing I only had a tiny bit of variegated left (at the end I was searching for more of the stuff in my stash!), I didn't have enough to continue grannying along 2 sides to make a rectangle. So I'm crocheting & joining 3, 40cm squares to each end, mirroring the big square. That brings it up to 120 x 200 cm, which should be big enough for a blanket, and hopefully it will look good enough. 
Nearly finished, just crocheting the small squares together, then another row of black to do around the edge so I'll add the finished photo here when it's done - Jen.


  1. The black looks nice, and overall it will look lovely.

    1. Thanks Maria, it'll be good to finish it.

  2. I think your blanket looks great and the colours are really great!

    1. Thanks Typstatting, I love purple & aqua together, it's hard finding nice purples sometimes.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Louise, I love your Peacock Pincushion btw, a lot of work in that one, it's beautiful!


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