Friday, 29 June 2012

Treadle is finished!

Hello all,
I've been restoring a Singer Treadle, well really putting two treadles together so I can display this beautiful 1907 machine. The previous posts about the treadle are herehere & here.
It's all back together (now there's another story) wearing a final coat of beeswax...
Must admit it's been finished for a little while, but I've been hard at work trying to clean up the chrome and metal parts. That will be an ongoing slow process. As you'll see in the 2nd photo the base plate is still very rusty, so I've been at it with some metal polish, and now some fine grade steel wool. If anyone knows of another way to remove rust from chrome please leave me a comment. 
All the other metal parts have come up really well after many hours of polishing, but it's been worth it in the end.

 Putting it together proved not as easy as we thought, as I hinted in the last treadle post. 
When the man in the house originally checked the holes on the new base with the cabinet, it seemed they would line up. When he put it together though, it was a bit of a tight squeeze, due to this base having thicker pieces at the top. My lovely ornate drawer was stuck fast! 

At first I sheepishly thought that the restorafinish I had used, had glued the drawer shut while it was drying, and I should have probably taken the drawer out, but no it was wedged up against the metal base. Phew! that was lucky I would have had to admit it was my fault lol.
With a bit of shaving down each side of the drawer, it's now fine. 

Because the base I had was not as ornate as other models, I planned to hide it with some quilts,
But I don't know, after working on it for so long, I'm kind of used to it now, so I think I'll leave it the way it is. I have more vintage knitting books, cotton reels, needle cases & sewing supplies in storage, so for sure some of those will take pride of place on this treadle before long.

NOW a lovely new project, also bought from Old As Antiques & Collectables here in Brisbane.
Photos in the next post - Jen.


  1. My mum had a sewing machine just like this one,she went very fast on it.I remember her first Electric sewing machine,it was a Jones Brother,and she complained a lot because it didn't go fast enough..happy days.
    That was in the early 50s
    Laura xx

    1. Good memories Laura! I had a few goes on my Nanna's treadle when I was young, then it disapeared when she had to move out of her beautiful home in Spring Hill here in Brisbane.
      I have a replacement belt for my other treadle, and I should have it working, both treadles run smoothly. My children were very small when I got the first one so I didn't want mangled fingers in the wheel back back then :-).


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