Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nice Rock!

It is, isn't it!
Before the rains came, ruining our Queen's Birthday long weekend, we went for a wander up to Old Petrie Town, previously known as North Pine Country Markets (Park).

Showing my age, before the market was relocated to Petrie,  it was originally at Closeburn, one of the earlier "flea" markets in Brisbane in the 1970's/80's. Held in the Cedar Creek Hall, and spilling out into the paddock next door, it was a lovely Sunday drive just past Dayboro, attracting huge crowds. I remember there was always a bloke shearing sheep, and women inside the hall spinning, way before spinning became popular.

Back to my nice rock.
Bought at my spirit which has moved from Chermside to one of the beautiful renovated cottages on site at Old Petrie Town, my rock instantly found me as we browsed through the store. They stock the most gorgeous silver & gemstone jewellery, gifts & new age products.

The lovely friendly man behind the counter, (who even offered us a cup of tea or coffee - how nice) explained that it was Howlite, and it had actually been dyed. From some research, Howlite is more commonly a white stone with lots of veins, and is quite porous so lends itself well to dying, mainly shades of turquoise.
I was already visualizing how I was going to create a pendant with it, but when I got home and unwrapped it, it was nice and somehow fitting to find a note with it, explaining it's "qualities"
Spurs you towards the ambition to reach your goals 
and assists you in eliminating hesitation from your actions.
Can be used to eliminate pain, stress and rage.
Calms communication and encourages emotional expression.

Looks like my lovely gemstone was waiting for me that day :-)

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