Saturday, 30 June 2012

The new project

Picked this up the other week at the 1st Birthday sale at old as antiques & collectables just thought I'd mention they're having an end of financial year sale this weekend.
Fell in love with it when I saw it online, and thought it would be gone when I went to have a look. Circled it a couple of times, pulled and tugged at it to check it's soundness, circled it again and then stood back and looked at it from a distance. (Diane will laugh if she reads this because that's exactly what I did lol). Then I went and threw myself on it (not really) and said yes I'll take it  - I have such intimate relationships with my furniture.
Now it's a bit rough, but structurally it's good. While it started life as a girl's bedroom dresser, I bought it to go into my Dining Room. 
It will display some blue china, teapots etc, the drawers will be filled with table linen.and I'll keep it white.
At the moment it's sitting in the Pergola, where I can see it from my kitchen window, so it makes me smile, because it really is a dear little dresser. 
Next weekend will be a trip to Bunnings to fetch a lead tester, then we'll go from there,

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