Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My new round granny cushions.

I've been busy trying to get some "me" things done, in between other things.The scarf was one, these were also on my list.

A couple of my handmade applique/patchwork cushions have grown old (like me), bravely surviving my three little boys growing up.
Time for a change, so a couple of round granny cushions have replaced them. 

The granny mandala by Alice (& Raymond of course) over at crochethealingandraymond  is the perfect pattern and inspiration for these.

Mine are slightly different, from an old golden hands book, but inspired by Alice's beautiful Mandalas.
I decided to make them both different colours on the flipside, so when I get bored, I can just flip them over :-). The other side is done in the same colours as my Razzamatazz Cushion. It's a Family Room, so I can get away with some colour on the sofa!
Just two round grannies stitched together, leaving a gap for the insert.
They measure 45cm across (one side), I used 8ply, a 4mm hook and crocheted 18 rounds each side.

Because the granny round is quite open, in stitch, you'll need to use an inner cushion. I thought I'd seen round cushion inserts at Spotlight in the past, but none were there last time I looked.
Some colours look great against a white background, but I felt for these, a white lining would have taken away from the colours, especially the lemon/pink side, so I decided on a pale blue homespun to make the inner cushions. It blended in nicely with both colour combinations and didn't weaken the bright colours.
At least the Razzamatazz cushion on the other chair won't feel alone now.

If the colours look familiar, there are a couple of radical ripple tea cosies getting around in the same colour scheme. That's what happens when you leave yarn lying around after a project, it becomes a tea cosy! - with love Jen.

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