Monday, 21 May 2012

Treadle Progress

Some more progress pics of the Singer Treadle. The first post about the Treadle is Here.
The base is in pretty good condition. Our first treadle base was very rusty so we had it sandblasted and had to repaint it from scratch. This one only needed 2 coats of black gloss Killrust.
For the cabinetry I used Howard's Restor a finish. Way back when I bought the first treadle, we sought advice from an Antique dealer on how to restore it. I wanted to keep the original finish, which was still quite good, so this stuff is ideal.
The stain colour we were advised to use was Walnut.
It needs to be used outside though, with plenty of ventilation, a face mask as well, would be advisable.

Follow the directions, I used super fine 0000 steel wool to apply the finish, going with the grain. I left it on for a few minutes then wiped it off with a soft cloth. For the decorative bits, I applied it first with a small paintbrush to get into all the crevices.
                                            Here's the before
                                           And after
Now the finish on these drawers was pretty well worn, there wasn't much left on them at all, so I was very pleased with the result. This is after 2 treatments, I did one, let it dry for an hour while I did the rest, then went over everything a 2nd time.
Here's the side of the cabinet,
And I went over the top piece again, to keep the colour consistent.

They look alright, don't they?
Putting it all together is next, but there's trouble brewing!!!
Until next time (I've been watching too many reality TV shows lol).

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