Sunday, 18 March 2012

Old As - Antiques & Collectables - Best in Brisbane

 Old As - Antiques & Collectables at 74 Webster Rd Stafford, is one of  the best Antiques / Collectable stores I've visited in Brisbane, and we've been to a few!
They made me a very happy person last weekend, but more of that later. Some antique stores you walk in, look at the prices, do a polite browse then walk back out, due to the huge prices.
Not at Old As! As soon as you walk in, the store is set out so beautifully, your eye doesn't know which way to go first, then you dive in.
Extremely reasonable prices, a very nice choice of furniture, there must have been at least 4 pieces of furniture I fell in love with, in fact getting the photos ready to load, I spotted something else I hadn't noticed last week.
Great range of collectables from all eras, the owners know their stuff but they're not greedy with their prices. If they don't have what you want, they'll put your name in the book & keep an eye out for you (I'm in the book lol).
Don't take my word for it, check out some photo's I took with their permission, then I'll show you what I bought.
 They open Thurs to Sunday 8am - 5pm. Mob - 0431 914 279 They're located just before the Stafford Police Station (on the same side), if you're heading from Stafford to the Grange.
Now what I bought.......
How could I resist this

Only the machine & part of the treadle table, 1907 & just beautiful, but this will have to have it's own blog post, so I guess I'll be doing at least one more post - Jen.


  1. The Singer is beautiful and soooo worthy of one more Blog Post. PS We miss you!

  2. oh, what a great teapot, i`ll bet you bought it for the seagull at the back hahahaa!
    it`s so lovely!
    i`m waithing for your story on the singer, that means your posting an other time again...and maybe again ;-)
    well, did i mist out the posting of share kitty.....
    but i saw it right now....and right now i have to waith before i may knit, crochet or do anything else with my hands because my wrist hurts.
    and i better waith now a couple of weeks than a couple of months later on.;-(
    so i`ll have to waith to knit kitty...
    ps.concrets with so manny people who come over to read your blog

  3. Thank you Chris,Aunty Mum and Miek.
    Miek you poor thing, I hope your wrist get's better, I know how painful it is, everytime you try to use your hands. Sorry I realize I did 2 posts straight away, & covered Kitty up, but I really wanted to post about the wonderful shop, as they were so helpful. Glad you found him.
    Your friend Jen.

  4. Hi Jenny, I came over here (from Ravelry) in search of your ripple tea cosy pattern but then I saw that you are in Brisbane and that you've found a fabulous antique shop quite near me that I didn't know about and I got a bit distracted! Now I'd better go and actually find your tea cosy pattern (unless you can point me in the right direction... couldn't see a search thingy) but thought I'd say hi as I don't come across many crochet related blogs in Brisbane :)

  5. Hi Lucy, I did have a search thingy but it was useless, maybe I should give it another go. If you go right down to the bottom of any page you're on, there's a popular posts list, the Ripple cosy is listed there.
    Nice to know you're in Brisbane & northside. Did you know about the Northside Knitting/Crochet Group over at Meetup? We are also on Facebook & Ravelry. We meet at Chermside Library,weekends and sometimes at Yarnover at Grovely. Friendliest knitting/crochet group ever! Here's the link - Jen.

  6. Love the teapot - and with a clock!!! How wonderful. What a treasure trove of a store

  7. Oohh! Next time I'm up that way I'm gonna have to drop in now. Damn it. My savings account is gonna send you an angry letter now :P

    1. That's ok Bel, I'll just ignore it, just like I ignore the angry letters I get from my own savings account lol.


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