Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Here, have one of my hearts

Valentine's Day
Yesterday for us, today for others. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in our house.......apparently!
Eta - I did however receive a lovely goaty Valentine's Day card on Ravelry from Possum. Possum is the creator of the now famous Goat in the Well thread on Ravelry. If it wasn't for that little dead goat (or is it a dead goat?), I probably wouldn't have started blogging. I needed somewhere to put my Fester Tea Cosy Pattern to share, so I had to take the plunge & learn how to blog. Thank you Possum, you gave us so much fun.
So check out Possum's awesome website Watermellish, full of gorgeous knitted, crochet & fabric embellishments!
I never pass up the chance for a photo project, so here last night I sought out hearts. I do love hearts of any kind, stars at Christmas come a close second, but hearts are it for me, which is um evident below lol. So if you missed out on a heart for Valentine's Day, come share mine, or have fun finding some at home, for your own collage.


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