Sunday, 15 January 2012

A peaceful January.

Hello there,
The first few weeks of January have been a lovely peaceful time for us. So different to last year when Brisbane, it's surrounding areas and a lot of country Queensland, where in the grip of terrible floods.
The different regions have just endured the 1 year anniversary stretching over the past few days.
God Bless all those who lost their lives, & those who were left behind to cope, & who are still struggling 12 months on. We're a tough bunch here in Queensland, but I know most of us would have shed a tear recently, reliving the horrible disaster. I know we did in our home.
I've been busy finishing a few beanies for Knitting For Brisbane's Needy for their summer challenge, so they're ready to pack up & send off tomorrow. These are all kid's beanies this time.

If you'd like to help out our group with donations of knitted, crocheted or sewn items, please go to the link above for all the information, there is also a facebook page.
Even one beanie or scarf will make one more person feel a little warmer & a lot more loved this year.

We've had quiet days, doing day trips here & there, going out to lunch etc. Found a couple of lovely teapots in our travels, both preloved, but now loved again.
I told myself I would only collect small 1 cup pots, but these are both 6 cup.

The modern one was so cheery & deserved to come live with me in my blue & white house.
The older one was sitting on a shelf, in a very small St Vinnie's at Paddington (fabulous little shop housed in a beautifully restored shop/playhouse at Paddington). It was grubby & sitting amid a crowd of not so pretty china, but still standing out as a grand girl. You could tell she still had some dignity, even though it was obvious she had seen better days. It made me imagine her owner, a lovely old lady living alone with her lovely old china, the dust protecting her memories.
Hoping she was going to be within my price range, I picked her up to check underneath for the price, only to find a music box made into the teapot......she was musical OMG!
A quick check of the mechanism confirmed my fears, it had seized many years ago (considering the price), perhaps caused by an energetic grandchild fiddling, or maybe it just wore out like we all do.
Naturally she was coming home with me.
When my eldest son (the fixer) came home, I showed him. He immediately removed the music box, and started working on it, which gave me the chance to give her a nice warm wash, she looks beautiful now!
He's working on the music box, it plays for a few seconds now, but he hasn't given up yet, so hopefully she may sing again one day.
I know it's only a teapot, nonetheless she's safe here with me.


  1. Hi,
    What a lot of beanies and what a really good cause you're making them for!
    Do you by any chance have a pattern for the crochet ones or are you one of those gifted women who just make it up as they go?

  2. Hi Yvonne, what a lovely life you're leading (had a peak at your blog & am now following). Can't wait to sit down with a cuppa & have a read!
    Most of these beanies are a pattern from a Charity knitting/crochet publication, "The Gift of Giving" published by our sister charity group Knitting4charities here in Australia. The book is intended for charity use & can be purchased as an ebook.
    All proceeds go back to the group to help them continue their valuable work,

  3. The link didn't work for me :(

    1. Hi Kyla - they have changed their website here it is :-)



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