Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An hour from Brisbane

The other day we did a day trip to the The Ginger Factory at Yandina. Yandina is hinterland to the Sunshine Coast, a bit over an hour's drive from where we live, north of  Brisbane.We don't go up there often, maybe once a year, but it always ends up being a nice day when we do.
The drive is an easy one up to the Sunshine Coast, and the day we went, it was considerably cooler than the 36C heat we had been experiencing a few days prior.
The place is a working ginger factory, you can pay for a tour through the factory, do the train ride etc, but we did all that when the kids were small. The attraction for us now, is a nice lunch amid the lovely tropical gardens, a browse through the shops that operate in the grounds, you can buy several varieties of ornamental ginger & of course stock up on some ginger yumminess to take home.
Nice pics are here....
A local came over to have lunch with us
The Husband always buys fudge from the Lolly Shop. I always buy pencil sharpeners - a few years ago, my Mother passed on to me her Pencil Sharpener collection. She started collecting them over 35 years ago and the only place I've seen them locally, is the shop at the Ginger Factory, so I buy a few new ones every time I go up.
If you don't know what I mean by pencil sharpeners it's these -
We left with a couple of other things & a bottle of Ginger Sauce, but we left this TShirt there, even though W thought it would suit ...him.


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