Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Books Brisbane.

I miss Borders! Even though the books instore were expensive, I miss going in & browsing their huge range of books. Sure you can buy cheap online, but I like to flick through a book before I part with my money.
That's why I was pleased to find Allbooksforless at DFO (Airport) a few weeks ago. I rarely go to DFO, I'm not really a fashionista. We only go when ds wants to buy a new pair of shoes from Converse, or in this case when the other kids want to shop there. But I was told about a bookstore at DFO & anyone who's been there will know that's a rare thing.

Most books are $5, some $10 & $20. All are brand new, excess to publisher's stocks. You may not find the newest releases but still a huge range. I came away with an art book, a knit book & 2 quilting books all $5each. So if you're poor but you still need a book fix, go for a browse. Look online for locations in Brisbane, there was also one at Bracken Ridge, but ring first to see if it's still there.

You can also buy online at http://www.allbooks4less.com.au/. Thought I'd try the online store out for you, good of me wasn't it! I took advantage of the free postage (with a spend over $30 Aus only), ordered them late last week & they were here yesterday morning by registered post, not dumped at my doorstep like other yarn & book companies using normal postage. And I have to say I got 5 tracking emails from AP throughout the day (I was out when they tried to deliver) so a big smile for AP as well.
So all good, I  bought 2 gift knitting books to put away, some other titles for me, & one I'm donating to my knitting group on Sunday for some of our beginner crocheters to use.
Shhhhh! it's a surprise.


  1. I miss Borders too, never bought a book there because of the prices, but .......
    Wish I was somewhere near QLD, cause like you, I usually only buy books once I can see what's inside ;-)
    Thanks for the tip about online though, having a little loookkeee

    1. Maria check out the store locations on the site, hopefully there might be one near you - Jen.


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