Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blog Housekeeping / Choc Caramello Cupcakes

I've been doing a bit of housekeeping on the blog (much easier & more enjoyable than the housekeeping I should be doing).  I've moved things around, tidied & dusted it. Ha more than I've done at home this week!

I've added a google knitting/crochet newsreel at the bottom of the page. I'm thoroughly enjoying it
already, reading all the knitting & crochet news from around the world.

Off to make Choc/Caramello Patty Cakes (Cupcakes). Sorry no photo, they ate the last batch before I could take a pic last weekend. It has been a while since I've made them, hence why we're going for seconds this weekend.
To make them, make your favourite Chocolate Patty Cake recipe, it must be chocolate. Mine is from one of my Mum's old recipe books from the Sixties, love those books!! (I can post the recipe but there are millions out there already). Eta - Use a patty/cupcake recipe, not a large cake recipe. If you use a mix which is too runny, your block of chocolate will sink to the bottom during baking, just thought I should mention that :-).

Half fill each patty pan with batter. Use small patty/muffin pans, not huge texas muffin pans. (Unless you want to use 3 squares of chocolate in each one, hmm that's something I've got to try.)
Divide up a block of Caramello chocolate & press one square into the middle of each one, just enough for the chocolate to be in the centre, once you top it up with more batter. Top up each cake with the rest of the batter to cover the caramello & bake as normal. You'll have a lovely gooey caramel centre. You can ice them, but I don't bother, a little piping of chocolate on the top would add to the experience if you're showing off.
Now if you're a clever cook like me, you'll use a mix that makes up less cakes than the number of Caramello squares, that way you get to eat the leftovers. You can also use Rolo's, but only the runny caramel ones, not the chewy ones. Apparently we have runny ones in Australia, yet other countries have chewy caramel, is that right?
After that I can sit down & knit, there's a lovely cool breeze coming in through the front window, so that's where I'll stay,


  1. Cakes sound delicious.
    Have you moved to the Google+. It showed up when I finally came back to blogland. Not to sure to try or not

    1. Hi Maria I've joined Google+ but I haven't really found a use for it yet, I haven't joined any circles, or put any artwork there. Do you mean moving the blog there? I don't know much about it, if you find out more, fill me in - Jen.

  2. oh, i`m thinking about it too! i have put in a larger work memmory in my pc, but i still can`t replay with some blogs. and now they ask if i want to get a new account, then i think, why? let the first one work better, sight....
    but because you have not been spelled out of blogland i might try this too :-)
    love everything you do, and have a nice summer, we have rain and autum weather al the time.....

    1. Hi Miek, been looking into it,but I'll stay here.It seems to be attractive to those who have writer's blogs as it allows for real time discussions & comments. I suppose you could create a fb group if you want more exposure. We've had torrential rain for the past couple of days,it's bringing back bad memories of the floods last year, but it won't get that bad.

    2. Replying to my reply, the floods are bad here!! Not in Brisbane but Western Qld & Northern NSW. Hope everyone affected is safe & hope it stops raining there now!

  3. Those sound delicious. I'll have to try them as soon as I get home from the grocery store. Caramello bars don't last long in this house.

    1. We're the same,I have to hide it if I buy one to make these cakes. Usually I have to hide it from myself. I love all your doggies by the way. I wish I had more time online to read everyone's blogs all the time - Jen.


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