Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back to the 70's & my Trippy Cushion.

Another trek to Bookfest the other week, and another pile of old patterns to play with.
Not as many there as other years, but I'm becoming very selective due to lack of space anyway. I tend to only look for crochet patterns now & the occasional old craft compendium containing the daggiest patterns you can imagine. I don't know why I'm attracted to such things but they are definitely a comfort to me.
I know I'm pitifully nostalgic, always have been from the youngest age. It's not like I missed out on any craft experiences in the 70's  when I was growing up. I could sew, knit & crochet by 10, I don't think I was allowed on Mum's sewing machine until I was 12, but I hand sewed until then. I copper enameled when I was 12, while still at primary school. Ironically I don't think I was allowed to use the sewing machine, but Mum let me light a Bunsen Burner in my bedroom, to copper enamel lol.
I had Mum's knitting machine to play with as a teenager, knitting bikinis for my friends. Maybe I lacked craft books back then. I had one favourite book which taught me all crafts from crochet, tatting, rug making, macrame etc & I still have that book today.

I love this hat book from the fifties

While I was sorting through, & trying to make room for the new additions, I came across the pattern for this cushion from the 1980's that I blogged about, back in February 2011.
From Granny Squares & Needlework 1983
I hunted to find the one I had started before Christmas, here it is so far-
How addictive this thing is!!!
My son's girlfriend dubbed it a "Trippy Cushion" this afternoon, so hence the name. 
I'm making it to sit on a royal blue sofa, so I wanted to use a certain number of colours, whilst bringing in other colours every now & then so it doesn't get too routine. It's about 25cm across so far, so more to do yet. It will need a fabric lining, but I'm going to do the other side with just random colours, so I can turn it over for a change of look, like my Razzamatazz cushion. I can't put the thing down!
See Ya


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I really love it. Can't wait to see it finished.

    1. Thanks Danette, I can't wait to finish it but it's coming 2nd to other knits at the moment - Jen.


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