Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Happy 2012! I hope everyone had a great New Year. I had my fair share of yummy pink sparkling stuff to drink & slept in very late, only to wake up to the unenviable task of packing away Christmas.
Oh that takes me back to the very first post on my brand new blog one whole year ago. Since then I have dusted my blue sewing machine (at least twice), but didn't get around to sharing any Santa patterns (hangs her head in shame). I did manage to get out a couple of  other Christmas patterns though, and thank you for loving them so much. Rex did not get put away, I have three little Rex's to make yet, for someone special - already my dance card is full.
It's been a quiet restful break, we hit some of the local vintage shops, the favourite being the Paddington Antique Centre, there's a lot to look at, some vintage, some retro & the surrounding shops at Paddington are also a treat. Would you believe I bought a Sewing Machine & a Spinning Wheel?

They don't have to be big do they? lol.
More vintage shopping fun today, this time closer to home.Came home with two great bags. Now I love bags, not handbags, but quirky silly bags that a woman turning 50 this year (yes sadly) really should not be buying or using but.......
I love them! Hey brand new, $6 each still in plastic and the money goes to Lifeline, not some big retailer. 
The Witch bag snugly fits my Notebook, it's very solid & I can throw all my bits & camera in the front.
The Ruby Gloom bag has already given me much pleasure tonight, reading all about who Ruby Gloom & her friends are lol. It will be used for taking out my sharp pointy sticks & yarn, appropriate I think being such a "Gothy" bag. 
More treasure hunting next week when we drive out to Ipswich & Aratula, so I'll let you know how I go.
I'm busy knitting & crocheting beanies for K4BN Summer Challenge at the moment, will post some pics next post,
love to you all


  1. Your lovely wall hanging is an excerpt from the book, 'All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten' by Robert Fulghum. He has quite a few books out, all in the same sort of pithy humor. If you haven't read him, I highly suggest it.

    Oh, and nice spinning wheel!

  2. Thanks Chris for letting me know the Author, thought I would remove the framed quote, not being sure of copyright issues with viewing it here, never being quite sure about those things. It is lovely, I first found it in a local history book about Brisbane.I think I will love reading more of his work!
    Re the spinning wheel, don't think I'll get much spinning done on it, I reckon it's circa 1970's lol - Jen.

  3. I'm sorry you took it down. Copyright allows you to quote a book, as long as you attribute it to the author, and it's just a passage, like you had. That allows you to share it, and also helps the author get better known. I found an antique spinning wheel in Germany that still spins like a dream. Needed a bit of oil and some tensioning, but it works. I hope you're as lucky with yours.

  4. Hi Chris, it's no problem at all, I have plenty to go on about lol. I might use it later on. Thanks for the info though, I'll be able to add quotes to the blog confidently now.
    Re the spinning wheel, it's only 8 inches tall (a display item) & the sewing machine is a toy one. Would be very nice if it was the real thing though - Jen.


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