Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Still counting down....

Santa's coming further down the Chimney

The Elf is in charge of turning the date blocks


The chuppa chups are dissapearing

 and Santa is test driving the reindeers.


Everyone is on their best behaviour & waiting patiently for the big man in red to arrive - not long now!
I asked the kids (aged 17 - 21) if they wanted the lolly advent & all the Christmas "stuff" out this year - they said yes.
I suppose the memories you have of Christmas growing up, stays with you your whole life. My son said he always feels Christmassy when he walks in & they love having their big Christmas dinner every year. Even though it's hard work for me, I'll continue doing it until someone else takes over. My memories of Christmas as a child are, very old glass Santa Claus lights on the tree, visiting my Grandparents every Christmas Eve at their lovely Queenslander up in Spring Hill & a huge rag doll, must have been more than a metre high (or so I remember), dressed in a pale green dress that my Mother lovingly made - the things you remember! Jen.

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  1. i love all your stuff,but most of all,santa test driving the reindeers hahahahaa
    i remember the little wooden candles we had standing with our dinner plates, they where white and red mushrooms with white spots on them and we had a white candle in it.
    there are more memories but i loved those wooden candle holders.


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