Sunday, 11 December 2011

Festive The Whole Goat.

Well yes that's it really....just a photo.
But be impressed, I did knit holes into his Christmas hat so he could put his horns through.
And yes I do have more important things to do with my time :-)
eta - The pattern for "Fester the whole goat" is here on my blog for those who haven't visited before - Jen.


  1. Oh, my gosh, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen! Except for my grandkids, of course. For some reason, I have always been fond of goats, especially the old one I'm married to. I have one that sings the yodel song from Sound of Music.

  2. Carlajo you do love goats, I'd love to see (or hear)the one who sings the yodel song lol. The pattern for the goat is here on the blog in the post "Fester the whole goat" don't ask why he's called the whole goat it's a long story.
    If you want the hat & scarf pattern I can easily write it up for you.

  3. You have done a wonderful job, he is so fun looking.
    best wishes Julie.C

  4. i think we all love "our" old goats too lol.
    esspecialy when the look like Fester,isn`t he cute?
    thanks for the pattern in your previous post!
    they really look funny to me!

  5. Thanks Julie & Miek, getting very close to Christmas, hope you've both finished any gifts you've been making. I have one to go now.

  6. Fester is so cute love the way his horns stick out of the hat!

  7. Thanks Typstatting - Jen.


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