Monday, 5 December 2011

Counting Down

Santa is making his way down the Chimney, only 20 days to go!

I never put Christmas up on the first of December. I'm a slacker. Well I did when the kids were little, but the four weeks of clutter drives me nuts! I have a few handmade Santa's, & wooden stuff & the Tree is quite intrusive in the lounge room, where it sits behind a lounge, close to the front entrance.
It means moving the lounge forward (the one I sit & knit on) & the coffee table which has a shelf full of knitting books, & a couple of bags of yarn & projects have to move with me. 
The lounge room is quite long so there is still plenty of space. So I'm sitting here tonight, pushed a little closer to the TV which isn't a bad thing, because I can see it better, writing this post with a Christmas tree loomimg behind me with dare I say not one decoration on it! Have you guessed I'm writing this blog post to avoid putting up decorations?
DH always puts the tree up as it's quite complex (no it isn't), and I don't think I could work out how to do it (suppose I could) but I just ran out of time today. So he put the tree up when he got home without me asking, not because he's all Christmassy but probably because he hates seeing boxes everywhere & wants to put the empties back into the shed.
I did open boxes today, and was greeted with all of my old friends, that I so lovingly packed away last year with moisture pellets to keep them fresh. It only feels like three months since then, but the calendar assures me it's been a whole year. Actually the first post I did on this blog was about putting away Christmas, does that mean I need to have a birthday party for the blog, with cake & pressies?? 
So anyway I put three Christmas things out today, the three things in the photo, that's as far as I got lol.
Had better go & put something on the tree,
Merry Christmas
ps DS has just offered to start decorating the tree - miracles do happen!!

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