Monday, 14 November 2011

Rosebuds is finished.

Hi all,
Finally finished this, it's just another flowery tea cosy, nothing you haven't seen before, but with the lovely pink, green & cream yarn for the base what else would I do.

The top is full of rosebuds, I quickly took a photo of it this morning to put up while I write out the pattern, but I'll take a couple more.
The pattern could not be easier, if you can't source the same yarn I'll add as much info as I can so you can hunt for something similar. Otherwise it may be a bit boring with a plain garter stitch base. The rosebuds & leaves are so simple, even though there are 15 of them lol.

While I love the cosy, I'm dying to make a market bag with the same yarn & rosebuds, to take to knitting group. So while the cosy will be put to good use, I'm really looking forward to making & using the bag.
I'm definitely asking Santa for enough yarn for Christmas to make one (he had better get his credit card out as it's going to take a lot of yarn for this bag)!
So here's the pic (hope you didn't mind me having some fun with the posts & I hope it's not an anti-climax lol).
This one will go off to K4BN to their market table, hopefully someone might buy it.

The pattern will be up for free the next day or so.
Hope everyone is getting all Christmasy,
love Jen.


  1. hi Jen, love the new tea cozy, and those colours!
    I might give the pattern a try, thanks sue~nz

  2. Hi Jen, Your Teacosy is just gorgeous love the colours that you have chosen. I hope that you get your Christmas wish!

  3. love,love, love it!
    a allways are thinking what impresses me the most,you designing it, ore the result!
    you both are great ;-))))
    ps. santa will get his credit card out for you this year, now don`t he? wink

  4. Thanks - girl from the bush, typstatting & miek 2,
    the pattern is up. I have to go do some real work now & I'm hoping Santa will come good with the yarn (or else Mrs Claus will just go buy it for herself like other years lol).

  5. Thank goodness there is a Mrs Claus - from a firm believer in her ;-)

    1. Lol Maria, yes Mrs Claus is very reliable - being a woman & all!

  6. Hi, how stylish, my sister is going to love this, I'm making it for her Christmas pressie. She has a gorgeous house and your cosy is just perfect for it. Thank you. All the best and much happiness, Irene UK

    1. Glad you like it Irene, thank you for the lovely comment, have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year xx


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