Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Excuses why this cosy won't be finished this week.

These things take time lol.

Excuses why this cosy won't be finished this week are - it's the Melbourne Cup today, I have an awesome new camera to play with, I have to buy food, I have to cook food, I have to decide what horse to bet on, I'm knitting gloves & socks for November Challenge, I have to put yarn into new boxes I bought, I have to play with yarn I forgot I had whilst putting yarn in boxes, I have to have an xray tomorrow, I'm going to lunch Friday, knitting group Saturday, & out Saturday night, & worst of all I picked up the pattern for that really neat cushion I showed a  pic of in my retro pattern hunt post & I started it.
I really need to learn to focus.


  1. Qantas has a better excuse Jenny :-)))))

  2. LOL miek - they'll have more excuses just before Christmas I'm sure.


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