Saturday, 29 October 2011

Stitch Markers For Crochet

Ok these aren't anything new, but here's a quick "how to".

These stitch markers naturally can be used for knitting as well, but because they're hinged they're ideal for marking crochet stitches & beginning of rounds. Most will fit up to 8mm knitting needles depending on what type you buy.

They are of course just hinged earring pieces, you can add whatever you like to them to make them purdy, & if you join your loops well, they're completely snag free on your work. You'll find some have tighter hinges than others so buy the best you can to begin with.

Everything you need can be found in a bead or craft shop, invest in a pair of round nose pliers from your craft shop to make perfect loops everytime. The posts (wires) I use have a small pin head stop at the bottom & are 5cm long. These will be long enough to make a stitch holder decoration (to attach to your earring piece) approx 3.5cm long.

If you want to make a marker with something dangly like these below, you'll be using these posts instead so you can attach beads, &amp also hang something from the readymade loop at the bottom. These should also be 5cm long to make a stitch marker 3.5cm long. (The one in the photo below is a bit short, I've run out of 5cm ones but it show's you what you need.

Now simply thread on whatever you want.
I usually start with a small seed bead, as some beads have holes larger than the end of the post, using a seed bead first will stop any larger ones falling off. When you're happy with your creation, you need to trim the wire so you can make the final loop to hang onto the earring piece.
Usually I trim the wire to 1cm past the last bead, that gives you a nice size loop, but if you are just learning, perhaps cut it a little longer  until you get used to turning loops.

Now take your round nosed pliers, you'll see why these are essential. Before you start curving the wire bend it out a little just after the last bead, it will make your loop stay central as you bend it.
Grab the end of your wire close to the top of the pliers & turn the pliers to start forming a loop with your wire. 
You'll see how easy it is to use the round arm of the pliers to make a nice round loop. The loop at this stage has to stay open a little, to attach the earring before you finish turning it in, so it meets up, just above the last bead on the wire.

All you need to do now is attach the earring piece & close the loop.

Make the hanging one the same way, no need for a starting seed bead as the loop at the bottom won't let anything past, you can then open the bottom loop & dangle something weird or wonderful from the bottom.

So easy! You'll be buying more beads & making more markers in no time. And of course if they are just too damn pretty for stitch markers, you can always wear them as earrings (one or the other please)!

See you tomorrow,
love Jen.


  1. These are great stitch markers, and a good tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
    best wishes Julie.C

  2. Thanks Julie, I love your pumpkins for Halloween & your knitted Penguin he's sooo cute - Jen.


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