Friday, 28 October 2011

3 Posts in 3 Days.

3 posts in 3 days, what do you reckon, is it do-able? I might have some fun & see how many I can do in a row lol.

This month I've been trying to boost my donations to Knitting For Brisbane's Knitting, but with a very sore shoulder, thanks to trying to stretch into an evil unreachable space between the shower & vanity, to clean, I've done damage. It's letting me do more things now, so on we go.

The beginning of the month started with a K4BN weekend challenge to make granny squares, in single colours, to be made into blankets for the homeless. So I sent off my little stack to the lovely ladies who are sewing them all together.

I've made a few beanies, fingerless gloves & some scarves, a couple of these in diamond lace stitch (crochet).

 And this one done in Aboriginal flag colours as requested by some of our recipients, done in straight granny stitch. I'll do more of these in some subdued colours as well, they grow quickly & inspite of the holes, are thick & warm & quite wide at 25cm (almost 10 inch). They are good to take with me in my bag as a 'waitncrochet" project as I can always remember the pattern.

I've made a couple of little chicken crochet tea cosies (not my pattern), which I'll have to show you in another blog as they're still in pieces - yay there's another post I can stick on the end of the marathon effort.

What else. Oh that's right, went to the Quilt & Craft Show here in Brisbane at the Convention Centre last Friday. Haven't been to one for a few years as I have so many stitchery/doll/quilt patterns,
I don't really need any more, but I like to stay in touch with what's new.
I must remember to take my camera when I go out, I'll have to just start throwing it in my bag.
It's always magical walking into these places, like a child walking into a Toy Shop at Christmas. Any stress you bring with you is handed in at the door, while you spend a few hours strolling around taking in all the pretty things, & I really like pretty things! I'll be 80 years old, & I'll still be girly, I'm sure of it.
I was very good and only bought a couple of items, but now I'm itching to start a new stitchery project or perhaps finish an old one lol.

I bought this fabulous fabric to make a quilted bag, isn't it gorgeous,

and these bits & pieces to make a fun chunky bracelet for Summer (the small aqua glass beads I already had).

The centrepiece is lovely and opalescent, & considering Opal is my birthstone & I've had a Birthday this month, it had to be bought.

Till next time
love Jen.

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  1. you realy have done a lot of work, and it is nice that it is allso for other people!!
    love the fabric piece, i would put it on my wall in my craft room :-)


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