Friday, 23 September 2011

Caboolture Bookfest.

Hi all.
Attended another Bookfest last weekend run by Lifeline, a wonderful Australian Charity. I've never been to the Caboolture one before which caters for the Northern Brisbane / Sunshine Coast regions. I've always made the long journey into South Brisbane to attend the huge one held there twice a year.

I don't know why I've never bothered to go to this one, but I will again. It only took 20 mins to get there, with ample parking right outside the door. It was a quarter of the size of the Brisbane one, but the quality of the books in the no price section was excellent.
Most of my books cost $1 or 50c for patterns, which included a few fairly new ones. No vintage tea cosy patterns I'm afraid, but heaps of good stuff from the 70's onward, mainly crochet.

I had better get cracking & start on some Summer tops I've chosen from them. It feels like Summer already here in Brisbane, with temperatures hitting 30c for a couple of days, which is unusually hot for Spring.
With the heat comes the bushfires, unfortunately we've had some already this week, some controlled burns, some not. It's left a smokey haze over Brisbane but we've had an amazing orange sun at sunset because of it.

Also on the list of things to do is to put up a couple of free tea cosy patterns before Christmas, a stitching project for a friend's gift & some cloth Santa's. I'm also trying to get together enough tea cosy stock to attend a local school craft fair.
It is only June isn't it???
Love Jen.

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