Monday, 1 August 2011

Gifts From Peru

Hello All,
The sun shone last week, when my eldest son returned from his first overseas trip, a three week trip to South America. It was so good to have him home safe & well.
Of course the darling boy came home with gifts from Peru, he spoilt his Mum & brothers big time, but the best gift of course was having him back home.
I will never get to South America, but there's a little bit of it in our house now, & he bought me jewellry!!!...I've taught him well.

My lovely necklace & bracelet,

A lovely brass llama bell, a tiny plate with Machu Picchu, & his partner bought me the knitted Llama, I love him! He bought this chess set for one of the boys, it's amazing, Peruvians on one side, the Spaniards on the other.

We feel very spoilt, & very blessed that he is home safe - Jen.


  1. What a lucky mum you are to have such a great son! Those are cool presents!

  2. Thanks Kyla, they are very cool aren't they, wore my bracelet the other day. Yep Mumma Bear is very proud of all three of her bear cubs :-).


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