Monday, 22 August 2011

A Cloth Doll Portrait

Hi all,
I'm battling with a pair of fingerless gloves at the moment, I'm using a Sirdar pattern from the 50's & I've adjusting them to include a cable pattern on the front. The cable isn't difficult, & I love doing cable but the first one has been frogged a couple of times to incorporate the cable into the shape of the glove. All good now finished the first one & wearing it as I type (so warm I don't want to take it off).
Miek if you're listening, the pattern is the one I gave you, & even though it's supposed to fit a man it's a very snug fit for me as were the gloves I made, so just thought I'd let you know. Photos will be in the next blog.

It's too soon to think about Christmas I know. I don't know what happens in other parts of the world, but here in Australia our children have school holidays the last 2 weeks in September & straight after that the stores start displaying Christmas stock - I try not to look!
I'm not a November Christmas decorator, it has to be at least the 1st December before I put anything up, probably because I can't stand cleaning & dusting around everything for any longer than a couple of weeks.
I do leave it all up until New Years Day though. Which brings me to the photo I took one year when I was putting up Christmas. Thought I'd take a family portrait of all the "guys" as I sorted through them all.  They get dotted around the house & I usually sew another one each year. Here they are -


  1. hello Jenny, i`m buzy with the gloves too. i made it with your pattern but it didn`t work out, i realy have a big man`s hand hahaha. so i took an other pattern and made it till the thum. i did it with other needles so ofcourse the thum looks idiotic. i have to do him over again. i have allso a cable in it, great.
    love all your extra company in da house, yeh!
    its no other way than go through it, this x-mas!
    i`ll deffenedly will think about you and your family. hugs miek

  2. Oooohhhh love to visit at Christmas time. With recent moves I have only gotten out one or two items till we settle down and I really do miss getting them all out. Might just find an excuse to make something this year to put out :-)

  3. Hi Miek, it is a small pattern isn't it, maybe being from the 50's. Can't imagine men's hands being smaller back then, I thought they made "real men" back in the 50's lol. I used Bendigo Luxury but I think the cable decreased the size a bit as well. We'll have to compare glove photos let me know when you post yours - Jen.

  4. Hi Maria, I've been very ruthless the last few years & gotten rid of a lot of decorations as well.
    I've kept a lot of favourites though. My favourite would be a wooden advent calendar in the shape of a chimney,where Santa works his way down the chimney until he ends up at the bottom in the fireplace on Christmas eve.
    Hope you get to make something this year to add to your collection - Jen

  5. okee, will do that.
    i was just waiting for you to show yours, so i could refir to your site.
    but i will post my first glove

  6. Hi Miek,I'm putting pics of the gloves in my next post, just trying to finish a new cosy so I can add a photo of that as well. I'll go have a look at your gloves when you post them - cheers Jen.


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