Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Yarn bombing - better late than never!

Hello there,
I had planned to go yarn bombing in Brisbane last weekend. I was well prepared, had spent hours knitting & crocheting some special bits & pieces to find, (due to recent events) that it was totally impossible for me to get there on the day. Check out the photos of the yarn bombing the girls did at the shop "Yarn Over"  here .
Anyway to the backyard bombing, I've taken photos of my yarn bombing event. Alas it ended up being in my backyard which means it can't really be classed as yarn bombing I guess, as it's not in a public place. I did try to find a tree out the front for my tree sweater, & the letterbox was also an option, but I ended up using a palm tree in the back yard.
My Fox Terrier X held the scissors & hammer for me while I put up the spider web (she's a very intelligent dog & a mighty fine listener I might add). We yarn bombed together, me with my cup of tea, her with her dry dog biscuits. We stood back, looked at our work, & the dog seemed happy with it so I took some photos. Here they are
                                                      Rainbow giant crochet spider web

with knitted spider

                                                                    Tree Sweater
Unfortunately the sun came over as I took the photos, the colours on the sweater are a bit brighter than they appear here.
And here is my design assistant Hannah who, would you believe, turns 13 later this month
Until next time,
love to all - Jen


  1. i love the sweater on the tree, and am (as allways) amazed about your 3D animals you make.
    as you have maybe seen on my blog i have a Jack Russell and they are the same, intellegent and allways on the lookout if he can help hahahaha
    (good or bad).

  2. Thanks miek as always for the lovely comment. I agree Jack Russells are great intelligent little dogs. Hannah is Fox Terrier x Border Collie which makes her a pretty girl, but she has a Border Collie coat that moults lol. What would we do without them!!

  3. Gosh, never heard of yard bombing before! What a great spider and tree sweater. Your dog is very clever helping you like that...I want one!

  4. Thanks Highland Monkey, lol it would be nice to have such a clever dog like that, I think she spent most of the time chasing the birds flying past!

  5. That has to be the FANCIEST pole/tree sweater in the whole world. It is BEAUTIFUL.

    Spider web pretty neat too.

  6. Thanks Loani,yes our trees dress pretty flash here in Aus - Jenny

  7. Totally awesome!! love the spiderweb as well as the piece on the tree

    1. Thanks herminesplace - the spiderweb is my favourite thing!

  8. do you have a tutorial on how to knit spider webs!? That'd be amazing for halloweeen!

  9. do you have a tutorial for knitting spider webs? it looks amazing!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Steph, you know I never even thought to write the pattern down for that one, which was really foolish of me, because it took a few goes to get it right., that was about 2 years ago. I should sit down with it and try to recreate it.

  10. Hi Jen.... we have a project to raise money for our volunteer ambulance service..I was wondering if you did a pattern for this GREAT spiders Web...kind regards From Australia....


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