Sunday, 1 May 2011

Treasure Hunts & Tiara Parties

I've had so much fun this weekend !! I don't follow astrology but I am a Libran, so my stars must have been a bit alright. Thought I'd share...
The Treasure Hunt
Starting from Friday which isn't officially the weekend, I went treasure hunting. Visiting quite a few junk shops in the area I came home with a very sweet Coffee Pot.

I've been after one for ages, every one I saw was either well out of my price range or terrible 70's brown.
So being a blue addict I snapped this up for $3.
I also found a very good quality 1 cup stainless teapot. for $1.95. The cosy for this one is already being planned & I'll probably be up late tonight having a knit.
 I also found a few vintage & retro patterns,

And while I didn't find this on Friday, I did come across it a couple of weeks ago at an antique shop, a Delft Blue Tile - told you I was Bluaddicted. It is so lovely & now proudly sits on my hall stand.

So when I arrived home I desperately wanted to sit down & play with my treasures (just sitting down would've been nice!). Instead I had to quickly clean up & cook a couple of things for my Tiara Party.
The Tiara Party
Yes a group of fun women some young, some in their 40's & 50's got together, put on either a tiara, gloves, or a bit of "bling" & watched the Royal Wedding together. Everyone brought some yummy food, some yummy drink, & I threw in a couple of bottles of bubbly. So we oooed & aaahed especially when we first saw Kate. It was a great excuse to get together, & it was so much more fun watching it together than alone - here's my Tiara lol...
I almost forgot, Saturday morning I attended a new knitting group full of very nice friendly talented people, it was nice to talk knitting for an hour or so, & I look forward to going back.


  1. now you have had a great time lately, did you?
    i`ve looked at the wedding too, realy a beautiful dress, Kate had on.
    the tille is dutch (as you know i am) it say; the carpenter, in Dutch.
    i`m looking forward to see what you make out of your coffee pot.
    if you make something with stairs i`ll bow for you, i realy do......hahaha

  2. Oh thanks for telling me about the tile, if I put up a photo of the back, you may be able to tell me some more about it. I don't think it's very old but I did pay more than a couple of dollars for it. I have had something planned for the coffee pot, but I need to finish some other things first :-)

  3. sure, no problem! you`ve made me curious about it.
    and the coffee pot allso, haaha

  4. Hi miek 2, I've posted a photo of the back of the tile, hope you can see it ok. The coffee pot is just "made in China".

  5. hi Jenny,
    what`s on the back is a note that should be on the shippingbox or on the bill/factuur.
    it is the address where the tile has send to.
    i have taken the libberty (if i say that right) to call the phone number. it`s a number in Amsterdam but it was out of order.
    it`s made in the tile factory witch ar no longer in Delft, but in Makkum (thats in Friesland)one of our provincie`s
    but they still call it Delfs blue becouse it`s all about the paint they use.
    when it`s made by hand you should see a number on the back (whitch a don`t see)
    but it comes from the real factory.
    greetings miek

  6. Thanks miek for going to all that trouble, that was so nice of you. I know so much more about it now - thanks!

  7. your wellcome, i enjoy all of your work :-)


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