Monday, 11 April 2011

Ripple Tea Cosy Bag

Just thought I'd post a photo of my Tea Cosy Bag.
I wondered if I could make a bag from the Easy Ripple Tea Cosy  pattern by enlarging it, turning it upside down & adding a strap, so here it is -

I increased the pattern to 12dc between ripples and used a larger 5mm crochet hook.
I made it in one piece, joining every round, but turning & going back each round to keep the ridged pattern.

If I made another I would probably make it a little larger again but make it in 2 pieces, so I could give the bag side seams to prevent it stretching. It's unlined here for the photo but I intend on lining it with fabric so it doesn't stretch.  The buttons here are just temporary until I find some others. They are quite nice actually, they have little cherubs inside a round window, with hearts around the outside, so If I can't find anything I like better, they can stay lol - Jenny.


  1. What a bright and cheery bag love the colours!

  2. This is a beaut bag, I'm hoping to make one.
    I'm also planning to try and make a hat from the ripple tea cosy with matching scarf and handwarmers. Auskick is so cold in Albury in Winter, so I sit and knit and freeze, some wooly accessories might help :)
    Angela from Albury

    1. That sounds great Angela, I must use my bag more,I should start taking it to Knitting group. I was a Soccer Mum instead of Auskick, but same night training sessions & early morning games, so know exactly what you mean. Thanks for the comment, it's nice hearing that people are using the patterns - Jen.

  3. Hello jen,
    I love this bag! And i will try to make one for myself.
    So if i understand correctly, i take the pattern from the ripple stitch tea cosy, and do exactly the same?
    But only a little longer (more 6-row colours)?
    Thank you for sharing your pattern, i look forward making it!

    Kris, from belgium

    1. Hi Kris, yes but I made the whole thing wider than the tea cosy pattern, by increasing it to 12dc between each ripple and I used a larger hook (see above). I'm sorry but I've since sold the bag so I can't have a look at it, but you can recalculate how many chain you need on paper - following the tea cosy pattern. Then just make it as long as you would like it - Jen.


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