Friday, 18 February 2011

The Retro Pattern Hunt.

I love Bookfest!! Nothing stops me from going EVER! The boys have learnt not to get sick, not to ask for lifts, not to try to nail the front door shut, not to have any dramas, traumas or diva moments, on the day I go to Bookfest. They are amazed & shocked, as I push them aside with superwoman hulky strength, roaring at their feeble attempts to stop me walking out the door!!!! Needless to say I do love Bookfest, which by the way is run by Lifeline twice a year here at the Brisbane Convention Centre.
I have so many books already, more than I'll read in my lifetime I fear, so I now contain my search to old knitting & crochet patterns & any irresistible old craft books, if they happen to throw themselves in front of me.

  My favourites are 60/70's crochet patterns, but of course tea cosy patterns will make me flip out as well, as do old bag patterns, well I could keep going on & on lol.

I'm knitting 2 new tea cosies as wips at the moment, but I keep getting drawn back to my "new" patterns.
I really want to do this retro cushion cover,

Granny Squares & Needlework
but I can't get this next cushion out of my head, so I have to crochet it. It's in my memories, I do believe one of my grandmothers had one just like it - not bright like this one, but lovely old vintage colours of green & cream. I vaguely remember it sitting on her lounge, along with an old ripple stitch throw.

I still have a bit to do, but I'll have it finished for the next blog.... 
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