Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gathering Supplies

A few weeks ago, a rainy Sunday afternoon trip to Spotlight was in order. Whenever I go, it's usually on a mission to get what I want (plus more), but always as a bit of a rushed trip.
This day I spent the afternoon.
I strolled slowly up & down the aisles, for at least 2 hours, still on a mission to choose supplies for new projects, but without having to be anywhere or anyone, just for a while.
I came out happy & refreshed, still with some credit on my Xmas gift card, with a bag full of fun, & not one ball of yarn in sight!
I'll be bravely coming back here at the end of the year, to see how many projects from this page I've completed - look :-

Gingham for a chicken scratch tablecloth, after seeing one at a vintage fair last year, & wanting desperately to make one again. 
Bling for a new Tea Cosy design - had to buy 2 packs. 
Homespun & cottons for a stitchery & bag.
Huge bag of candy coloured buttons for little girl's Cardi, bracelets, hair things, & something else.
Materials for a very strange Tea Cosy
Blurry pins, it's been so long since I bought new pins!
Beautiful fairy butterflies .......any suggestions?
& some bees & bugs, everyone should have bees & bugs on hand in case of an emergency :-)

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